Membership Renewal is now due for 2022

Following a year off from having to pay for membership due to ‘lockdown’ and lack of activity, subscriptions will be now due again for 2022. The preferred method of renewing or applying for new membership is on line through this website. Simply click on ‘Membership’ and follow the instruction.

As we near the end of 2021 and the return to some normality it is now more important than ever that we all strive to get ‘our show back on the road’. I understand why there may be a certain lack of motivation, or mojo as I like to call it, as the past 20 months of restrictions has made it almost impossible for us to fully function as a club. We need to focus on our Club over the next twelve months in order to re-establish our calendar of events and club organisationally, competitively and socially.This means that we must do all we can, no matter how small, to support our club’s activities. We are very lucky that we have a number of members that will always volunteer to make things happen but we need more of you to get involved. I appreciate that not everyone has the experience of organising or supporting events but we are putting together information and training to make sure that you will be supported.
Our Futures Committee will be re-established to look at refreshing what and how we do things in the future to encourage new members. The club needs new organisers and new ideas if we are going to move forward.
As we come up to the Festive Season, we have social events for young and old. The Under 8’s Party will be held at Otley Rugby Club, Cross Green. All under 8’s are welcome including grandchildren and great grandchildren of members. The Adults Xmas Party will also be held at Otley Rugby Club on Wednesday 22nd December from 8.00pm. There will be quizzes and games and the usual ‘buffet supper’.
Chris Tindall – IDMC President